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Lets all be honest for a moment! Who doesn’t love opening the door to their abode to see a tidy, sparkling home, and that fresh clean smell just instantly puts a smile on your dial!

For the hard and long workers out there, we’re in your court when you want to open the door, drop your bag and collapse on the lounge and relax.

If you have littlies running around all day, WHEN they decide to have that little nap, is the first thing that comes to mind “Oh, yippee, now they are resting, I just can’t wait to go and clean the house!” I don’t know about you, but my first thought is “WHERE, IS, COFFEE”!

Now, respect to the super mums and dads out there who keep their homes clean and tidy, we genuinely applaud you and your superhero ways.

For those of you who could use that helping hand from time to time in keeping your home clean and tidy here are the top 5 reasons you should give yourself a break and hire a cleaner.


1. Your Professional Cleaning team understand the best product and chemical for each surface and stain


Through years of practise, training and upskilling, a professional cleaner can assess different surfaces, and the stubborn grime and grease present and use the most efficient and practical methods to sanitise and remove it.

A professional cleaner can also use special techniques and products to help you maintain a healthy and clean home between services.


2. Your Professionally cleaned home is also a healthier home


Is that not the best by-product ever!
Not only will your home be looking and smelling great, but it will also be a healthier home! Yes, it is a 2-4-1 deal.  Using a professional cleaner means all those surfaces, handles and commonly touched areas are given a sanitised finish which means a reduction in bacteria, germs and dirt! – And if you have kids, Childcare and School are great places to pick up some of those naughties on the kid’s hands which can easily end up all over the house if not cleaned well!

Professional cleaners will also pay close attention to those areas susceptible to mould and mildew such as sink drains and shower floors and corners!

When using a professional cleaner, they will apply special formulas and precautions to ensure these problem areas are cleaned with the proper chemicals and products to remove soap scum and oils that become a feeding zone for mould that you will often see present in non-professionally cleaned bathrooms


3. A Regular Cleaner will actually SAVE you money


It sounds like we’ve been spending too much time with the Oven spray! But no, stick with us here! Having a regular cleaner, will actually save you money.

If you haven’t thrown your cloth and bucket in the air already in sheer shock horror or disbelief then check this out!

A rangehood uses filters – Having these cleaned and clear of grime and grease will actually improve the longevity of the motor and reduce the maintenance repairs required.

The same goes with your cooktop, microwave and dryer! – As part of a regular cleaning service, your professional cleaner will clean the cooktop, clearing the cooktops knobs and burners of food scraps and grime which are areas that can cause problems with functionality.

Keeping them clean, means less call outs or replacements, which means less money being saved and kept in your pocket!!


4. Spend time doing what you want!


The home is full of priorities that need attending to on the daily.

Cooking and meal prep, whether that is tonight’s dinner, or the kids snacks for the week, you need time to get this organised – This also means food shopping needs to be done.

Bills need organising and paying! Clothes need to be washed & Folded, no doubt there are appointments (coffee catch ups included) and kids training for sport or music, and all of a sudden, the day (or week) is over!

Give yourself a break from another task and let a professional cleaner take that burden off your hands 😊


5. Create a stress FREE (or reduced at least) Environment


After a hard day, maybe the boss was giving you grief, or office gossip was too much, there is nothing worse to coming home to the “I was meant to clean yesterday” home

Having a dirty, messy and unorganised living and kitchen space can just make things worse and then trying to think about when you’re going to have the time to actually clean can be all too much, take a break friends! – We completely understand.

The piles of laundry that are starting to shape like a mountain with a potential avalanche only minutes away, the stacking dishes not to dissimilar to a scullery in a restaurant kitchen and you can now write your name on that dust on the shelf! The clutter can be stressful, and when you get to that point where you’re not sure whether to start with the dishes or attend the avalanche of washing it just adds to the stress!

So have that coffee, make that call, get a professional cleaner in, kick your feet up and treat yourself a little, you deserve it!


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