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Living in a clean and fresh smelling home with dogs? – Is this even a thing?

The answer is yes, it certainly can be and here’s some handy tips to keep your home looking and smelling amazing while the pups are chewing their toys on the couch.

Dog owners and lovers rejoice, there is a way to maintain a household and still have pooches, so throw the leash and let’s do this!



The hardest part about having dogs is the hair as it tends to have this uncanny knack of getting everywhere! The plates, the lounge, your cup… your mouth! – Don’t get me started on clothes.
Here are some handy homewares to add to your tool belt

Rubber Gloves

Often used for the dishes, these rubber mitts of happiness use friction and static electricity to stick and pull hair from the couch, fabric seats, carpet, clothes and soft surfaces!  Don’t you just love multipurpose objects.

Lint Roller

A lint roller is another necessity when you have dogs, for a quick wipe down or your black jacket (why on earth do we wear black as dog owners) The lint roller will certainly take that top layer of hair off as well as measly bits of fluff, a lint roller can also be used on couches and to get into some of those nooks and crannies around the home

Baking Soda

Are the Carpets a little Ruff? Are they starting to look more like a sheepdog than a plush soft floor and does your vacuum just seem to run over the top but make no impact! A couple of tips we can suggest, Try some baking soda, sprinkle it lightly across the carpets and let it sit for around 15-20 minutes, the baking soda will soften the fibres allowing you to vacuum them up, it will also give them a fresh smell – High 5, another multipurpose Object!

Pet Hair Vacuum Attachment 

Another fantastic tool our teams utilise, is a specialised pet hair vacuum cleaner attachment from Godfreys, the Clean up turbo floor brush.


Fight those smells on the nose!


As fun and cute as our four legged friends might be, my goodness they have an ability to give a less than desirable smell throughout the home. Fortunately, there’s a few little tricks we have up our sleeve help keep your home smelling pawsome.

Firstly, identify the source (no not just the dog) of the smells, often this can be their bed if indoors, a bean bag, or their favourite spot on the couch,  a good wash of these regularly can greatly reduce the lingering odours.

Scented candles and air diffuses can assist in masking and neutralising smells, another inconspicuous item we love to use for odours such as pets, smoke and mould is the Natures Air Sponge Odour Absorber they are natural and safe for pets and children which make them a great absorber for those wafty smells.


Nose Art on the windows?


Some dogs just think they are the next Pugasso with their skilled paw and nose prints all over your windows, but if having streak free pawless windows is your game, than a handy tip is to have a microfibre window cloth and some window cleaner nearby.

If the dogs are all muddy and have left you some amazing artwork, your best solution is to hose off or high pressure clean the windows to remove the dirt and grime from the windows before giving them a great once over. If you’re trying to get the dogs to stop the artwork, you could introduce a little vinegar into the solution when spraying onto the windows as vinegar is not a favourite smell (or taste) for the pooches.



Above all, keeping your pooch clean will not only keep their tails wagging and make cuddles time all that much more fun without regretting the wet dog smell straight afterwards, and we love our friends at Clean Paws Dog Washing, their team of trained groomers and dog washers are mobile operators and come out to you with their decked out dog washing trailers and their big smiles to make sure while we are keeping the house clean, they are keeping the pups happy


We also promise to keep our puns on the low down for a while, it’s the leashed we could do – Sorry.

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