At One Stop Cleaners we recognise that the oven is one of the most overlooked spaces. Baked on grease, stained glass and racks full of grime are all too common. Lets face it, cleaning ovens isn’t easy and it’s a task that is easy to put on the backburner for a another day. If that sounds like you then never fear, One Stop is here! Let our professional team do the scrubbing & cleaning of your oven and get it looking back to its former glory. Having completed hundreds of ovens we know how to get them gleaming and we love a challenge!


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Well never fear, One Stop is here!

Let our professional team do the scrubbing & cleaning of your oven and get it looking back to its former glory for you.

Our trained team of Oven cleaners can clean all makes and models of ovens using a specific set of chemicals and equipment we are able to bring the shine back from the grime!

Once our trained team have cleaned the oven, they conduct a heat test to remove any remaining odours before being safe for your use.

Our steps to an oven clean ensure a quality finish on each occasion.

  1. Our team will inspect the unit both internally and externally to ensure the oven is in a safe working order and to assess what degreasers and chemicals are required.

  2. The team will remove parts such as the trays, racks and removable grills which are left in a detergent bath to degrease the grime from them while the internals are given a deep degrease clean.

  3. Any burnt on food waste, crumbs and carbon is removed using different forms of scaping tools and course pads.

  4. The internals are then completely wiped out of grime and grease and the glass is degreased before being cleaned and polished using glass cleaner.

  5. All racks and trays that have been degreased and cleaned are returned to the oven.

  6. The externals are cleaned and degreased including a thorough clean of the knobs and handles.

  7. The external glass and stainless is polished.

  8. To complete, the oven is tested and run to remove any final odours.
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What our Residential house cleaning clients say:

Location: Hectorville
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Very happy!!

My partner and I work full time and don't have a lot of time under our belt when it comes to cleaning (especially for inspections) Getting the one stop cleaners in was the BEST decision. My partner was even more impressed then I was and even wanted to give a tip. Our home is glowing and we will definitely get them back again.

Thank you to the team at one stop. You guys saved the stress of the dreaded inspection time!

Location: Aberfoyle Park
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Very high standard

Second time I’ve used these guys, this time was a bond clean not to mention last minute omg did an amazing job, Im a very busy person so the house was a but of a mess, I received photos and I didn’t think it was the same property.

I seriously cannot recommend highly enough.

Location: Henley Beach
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These guys will be my cleaners for life!!

I have used these services multiple times for multiple properties and they are fast, often booking me in with little to no notice, super friendly and reliable but most importantly they get the job done to a high standard!

I highly recommend their services! They also quoted me cheaper than other quotes which was why I initially tried them out! Definitely give them a go!

Location: Happy Valley
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Exceptional service, High quality service.

Such a pleasant experience, really good communication and professionalism.

Hassle free and very thorough and detailed. Look forward to the teams next visit 🙂



snap fitness client
spot coworking commercial cleaning client
century 21 client


Most frequent questions and answers

Ovens will start to get build up of grease, oil and crumbs overtime if not cleaned and from general use, an oven clean can fix this.
Our trained team of franchisees will use a formula-based oven clean to remove the grease, grime and crumbs from your oven while getting the glass polished and looking great for you.

Included in your oven clean is the racks, trays, shelves, side rails as well as the carcass of the unit and when the internals are completed our team will clean the externals and give the Oven and nice polish.

Generally speaking our team will need between 1-2 hours for a complete oven clean of a 600mm Freestanding Stove & In built oven. If the oven is  900mm in width, or very dirty we may require additional time, our professional team will be able to advise this when reviewing the job.

An exclusive deluxe clean is your all round clean and freshen up, From the bathrooms getting a good scrub, to the vanity mixers in the bathrooms, laundry and kitchen being polished. Your kitchen surfaces will be thoroughly cleaned with the cooktop and splashback being wiped over to remove any grease or grime. All floors are vacuumed and mopped where hard floor surfaces reside, and a general dust and spot clean performed before an optional deodorise of the home.

Clients who opt for the Exclusive deluxe are often busy business people, families with children where they need an extra set of hands, or just those who are looking to keep their home looking immaculate and clean.

The Exclusive Deluxe Clean on a standard home requires 2 hours as a minimum and we can add extra options to this, such as an Oven Clean, Windows or Deep Cleaning.

The Presidential Deluxe clean is your deeper and more extensive clean of the home where tough grime might have built up and requires more specific chemicals, tools and force to get it gleaming again.

Included in the Presidential Deluxe is a clean of the internal windows, de cobwebbing, a deep clean of the bathrooms and toilets while the kitchen will get a beautiful freshen up of the surfaces, cooktop, splashback and sink and the fronts of the cupboards and fridge where we often see fingerprints will be scrubbed clean.

To finish, your floors as carefully vacuumed and hard floors mopped to a beautiful shine and we offer a complimentary deodorise of the home on completion.

One Stop Cleaners has recently made the move to look at an eco-friendly, natural mineral based range of products. At One Stop Cleaners, the health of our cleaners and our customers is paramount in addition to the importance of looking after the environment has played a big part in this decision to move towards a more natural and eco friendly based product range.

We use a mineral based compound cleaner made locally in Australia for a lot of our general cleaning works, with our fragrances, Toilet cleaners and general wall and floor cleaning products being eco-friendly.

On occasions we are required to use heavier chemicals to get into some deeper grime, mould or dirt but we will advise our clients of this and get their confirmation before use.

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