About One Stop Cleaners

One Stop Cleaners was born from a desire to change the cleaning industry and to provide a highly efficient, prompt and professional service to our customers, for a fair price.

From our research and customer surveys, too many times we heard “the cleaners standard dropped after a few visits” or “they were always late or didn’t turn up and we never knew until we got home”.

With this in mind, we developed a system with proper infrastructure to ensure that we would be able to change this dynamic, but how?

Much like the every so popular Uber brand of transportation, we developed a system to monitor our cleaning team, this allows us to know their exact arrival time to the destination, as well as log important information such as sign in and sign out times.

Utilising technology, we also enable our clients to follow the same system, as well as be able to give us accurate feedback on the cleaning, if the customers was over the moon with the finish, or should they have noticed something was missed, this can all be documented for our team to ensure it can be rectified.

Another point in question was the chemical debate, and in late 2018 it was decided that we would move towards using a range of natural and eco – friendly products for our cleaning teams. This decision was made for several reasons, the health of both our cleaners and customers alike and the effects this would have on the environment by choosing cleaning products that are not harmful on the environment into the future.

One Stop Cleaners Is paving the way for the future of the cleaning industry, with a dedicated team of cleaning professionals, trainers, support management, business development managers and IT, so you can ensure that your cleaning needs are in professional hands.

Our Team

The One Stop Cleaners team are a group of dynamic, enthusiastic and experienced business people. Franchising was a decision made by One Stop Cleaners as both a way to allow people an opportunity to be their own boss, while being trained & supported by professionals in the industry and with a combined 50 years of experience in franchising & cleaning.

Our extensive knowledge of the building and cleaning industry matched with our highly experienced franchising and support personnel means that both our customers and franchisees are held in the highest regard with professionalism and support



Chris Thomas heads the business with over 10 years of cleaning knowledge and experience through his time working for a National Passenger Train company, learning the trade of cleaning & Carpet cleaning before moving into the Franchising Industry with Home & Office Cleaning.

His experience in Management, Franchising and Training as well as his genuine dedication to quality control put him in a position to work with a passionate, motivated and committed team to ensuring our customers are always loving coming home to a One Stop Cleaners finished homes.

Customer Service & Support


One Stop Cleaners has a dedicated Customer Service & Support Team working with both our cleaning franchisees and the customers to ensure a smooth production from start to finish of your home or office. These teams are available at your beckoning for bookings, rescheduled cleaning works, additional services and all general enquiries.



Our Trainers are the forefront of expertise in cleaning, they take each new franchisee under their wing through the course of learning the cleaning know how and best methods to cleaning practices, They also developed a number of the systems within the One Stop Cleaners Success Manual and are continually working on smarter and more efficient cleaning systems.



The accounts team at One Stop Cleaners makes sure that the invoices are being sent out on time, are accurate and are keeping the business running efficiently. They also continually are auditing the systems to ensure the customer is receiving the best value.

Business Development


One Stop cleaners utilise a business development team who are manage the clients initial requests, preparing proposals and tenders for commercial jobs as well as liaising with the franchisees, customer service and training teams to ensure that a smooth booking process can occur and that the client is able to be serviced to the highest standards that are expected from One Stop Cleaners

Eco- Friendly Cleaning Services

One Stop Cleaners recently made the important decision to follow down the lines of providing the clients with eco friendly and sustainable based cleaning products. The decision has a positive impact on our cleaners, our customers and the environment.

Using green cleaning products and mineral based products means helping the sustainability of the environment and utilising waste reduction strategies means we are able to maintain our high standards of cleaning, hygiene and presentation while limiting the damage done to the environment.


When you call One Stop Cleaners, you don’t just have a cleaner, you have an entire team ensuring a quality clean is achieved. Whether we are cleaning your home weekly, fortnightly, monthly or just giving it a spring clean you can ensure that we are going to provide a high-quality finish with our special One Stop touches, every time.

We specialise in Bond Cleans & Exit Cleans and we provide you with a Bond Clean Guarantee (Subject to T&Cs) ensuring you receive you bond back!

Our dedicated support team look after our customers, so should there be a change to your cleaning appointment, perhaps you are on holidays, or are unwell, you have a dedicated customer manager you could call, email or SMS who can amend your booking and reallocate for you.


At One Stop Cleaners, our vision is simple, to become yours, your family and your friends trusted and reliable cleaning company.

Our franchisees are at the forefront of this vision, ensuring they are trained to the highest standards in both cleaning, chemical and cleaning knowledge and customer service, as well as being supported to highest standards by our dedicated support and training team.


  • Integrity
  • Proactive
  • Efficient & Reliable
  • Accountability
  • Professional
  • Punctual