Carpets are always the dirtiest part of every building and its not your fault! Carpets catch all dirt, with dust mites, pet hair, dead skin cells, dust, insect faeces, bacteria, mould, volatile organic compounds, and many other types of allergens clinging to the fibres. It is important that you clean your carpets regularly not only because of the aesthetics of the investment, but for the obvious health reasons.

One Stop Cleaners can look after your residential and commercial carpet cleaning requirements with our efficient, prompt and professional services. Rest assured we can deal with any situation relating to your carpets whether its heavy staining or unwanted smells.

Utilising the most efficient machines and organic chemical technology, One Stop Cleaners will ensure the best results. Whether you have a 1 bedroom unit or a 300m2 office, our team are dedicated and have the equipment and knowledge to get the job done right.


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As suggested by most reputable carpet manufacturers, a carpet remains well-maintained if cleaned once or twice a year.

Timely and properly cleaned carpets will increase longevity as well as keeping the carpets looking fresh, clean and free of dirt and dust.

From general high traffic areas where grime, dirt and dust build up is present, to the aftermath of a party where food splatters, wine spills and general stains have occurred we can assist to get your carpets looking clean again.

Heavy grime, stains or bleach/paint spots often require a trained technician to inspect the carpets and advise of a recourse of correction. Bleach can often not be rectified due to staining of the actual carpet dye itself which loses its colour, our team will be able to advise of ways of correction should this be the case.

Carpet Cleaners carry a number of different chemical formulas depending on the situation that has occurred, whether it be a food stain, grime, pet urine or smells from the carpets the carpets trained professionals will have a degreaser, sanitiser or chemical to break down and lift the smells or soiling from the carpets.

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What our Residential house cleaning clients say:

Location: Hectorville
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Very happy!!

My partner and I work full time and don't have a lot of time under our belt when it comes to cleaning (especially for inspections) Getting the one stop cleaners in was the BEST decision. My partner was even more impressed then I was and even wanted to give a tip. Our home is glowing and we will definitely get them back again.

Thank you to the team at one stop. You guys saved the stress of the dreaded inspection time!

Location: Aberfoyle Park
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Very high standard

Second time I’ve used these guys, this time was a bond clean not to mention last minute omg did an amazing job, Im a very busy person so the house was a but of a mess, I received photos and I didn’t think it was the same property.

I seriously cannot recommend highly enough.

Location: Henley Beach
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These guys will be my cleaners for life!!

I have used these services multiple times for multiple properties and they are fast, often booking me in with little to no notice, super friendly and reliable but most importantly they get the job done to a high standard!

I highly recommend their services! They also quoted me cheaper than other quotes which was why I initially tried them out! Definitely give them a go!

Location: Happy Valley
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Exceptional service, High quality service.

Such a pleasant experience, really good communication and professionalism.

Hassle free and very thorough and detailed. Look forward to the teams next visit 🙂



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spot coworking commercial cleaning client
century 21 client


Most frequent questions and answers

Absolutely, At One Stop Cleaners we have a team of trained and professional carpets cleaners who can help to remove stains, smells and grime from your carpets.

The carpet cleaning team are trained in removing stains from coffee, food spills, wine, general grime and dirt, pet urine and much more and can clean your carpets, rugs, and even your couches and upholstery.

Understanding the different types of carpets and stains, the trained team will use specific chemicals and sanitisers or degreasers to lift or dissolve the issue and then using their steam cleaning extraction system they can remove these for you.

It is important to note that in some cases, such as bleach that the carpets can sometimes not be repaired through carpet cleaning due to the bleach actually staining the dye in the carpet, our professional team will be able to view and advise courses of rectification should this be the case.

Wear and Tear is another course whereby the carpet cleaner will be able to help lift and remove dirt, grime and stains, but some carpets are heavily worn, and carpet cleaning will not be sufficient to rectify the carpets and may require replacement.

Something to be mindful of when having carpet cleaning done is that the carpets can be a little damp after the carpet cleaning is completed and can appear raised while they settle. One Stop Cleaners recommends leaving the carpets from tread for 2-3 hours post carpet cleaning to allow the carpets to settle and dry efficiently and adequately before foot traffic commences onto the floors.

Airbnb has become increasingly popular and is a wonderful way to make some extra income for your property. At One Stop Cleaners our team have been trained in Linen cleaning, washing and housekeeping as well as presenting the beds in a visually appealing aesthetics using the likes of coloured pillows, throw rugs etc.

Our teams will conduct a thorough clean of the property, removing all contents as required from the fridge, checking all surfaces, and under couches, beds and furniture for left behind goods and reporting to the landlord of any damages on site.

The teams will distribute out new shampoo, conditioner and body wash as well as changing over tea towels, restocking of tea, coffee and sugar and making sure that your property is presented in the highest and most professional format.

We offer a linen washing service should you require this whereby we can take the linen from site, wash and prepare for the next upcoming guests’ arrival.

At One Stop Cleaners we understand how important reviews are for Airbnb and we work very closely with our clients to ensure a smooth and professional job is completed each time on time.

Our Teams can be available Monday to Sunday as we understand guests check out and check ins can be on the weekends and we can accommodate for late booking times if required.

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