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Help & FAQs

Getting Started

How do I create a One Stop Cleaners Account?

When you first book with One Stop Cleaners you will be prompted to create a profile. It’s as simple as supplying an email, password and address. We can then keep on file your previous cleans and transactions for easy reference and re-booking!

Do you service my area?

We service most urban areas across the country. Simply pop your postcode into our booking form to get an instant confirmation of whether we are able to service your area.

What is included in a standard cleaning?

We have a complete list on our custom bookings page which is also completely customisable. If nothing quite suits what you are looking for, please contact our call centre and we can negotiate the ideal package for you!

Do you bring your own cleaning supplies, products and equipment?

We do bring our own supplies including environmentally friendly products. If you require specific products to be used this can be arranged with a small surcharge. Our products are fully insured and designed for commercial use so they will do the best possible job at the highest quality possible.

Can I request special tasks or extras?

Most definitely! This can all be booked online or through the app. Anything not on the custom tab can be asked of through our call centre for a custom quote.

Manage Your Account

How do I log into my account?

There is a login option in the bottom right corner of all the pages on this website and or you can also use our android and apple app. Click here to install it now.

How do I update my profile?

You may change your password in your client profile settings tab. You can also update CC and address details.

How do I book my first appointment?

You can book your first appointment 3 ways. The home page has a quick booking application which can easily accommodate most simple requests. The custom bookings page is more customiseable and if you are looking for extras that is the easiest place, as well as calling us directly on 13000 1 STOP.

Pricing & Policies

I bought a voucher and One Stop does not cover my area, what should I do?

Contact the call centre directly on 13000-1-STOP and we will resolve the issue as soon as possible

Can I use gift vouchers on my account?

Of course, simply login to your account and apply the voucher code into the corresponding area. This will apply a ‘credit’ to your account for your next service!

Trust & Safety

Can I trust my cleaning professional?

Of course! All of our cleaners are police checked and fully insured.

What happens if something goes wrong during my appointment?

You will be in constant contact with our cleaners so that if there is ever an issue, it will be communicated and resolved as soon as possible.

Is my billing information kept safe and secure?

We pride ourselves on being very diligent with client information. All of our payment systems are encrypted for your protection.

What is your 100% satisfaction guarantee policy?

Quality of control is highly important to us. Our cleaners are trained to take before and after photos of every job so that we can maintain a high standard. If for whatever reason you are not satisfied, we will schedule a catch up clean at a convenient time for you. We take our customers and this commitment seriously.